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Cioe B: A Coyote's Story
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Cioe B Canis Latrans' LiveJournal:

Saturday, December 31st, 2005
1:06 am
Questions and recess
Yes, second row, on the left. Your name, please? Audha. All right, Audha, what's your question?

Ah. Let me explain for the online classmates: She asked when we would get to more current events. Don't worry! We'll cover the last created generation in due time - they're within the timeline of our class.

And a question from Paul H, at our Mendel campus. He wants to know why Cioe was so important. That answer is fairly simple: She lived through two full generations of Azume's work, and the wars which gave us our current homes and status. And by a set of rather odd coincidences, she was preserved into the current times, fully intact. But we'll cover all that, again, in due time.

Right now, it's time for a break. Go ahead and take fifteen minutes; I expect you all back in your seats promptly for the next lesson!
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
11:58 am
The next step
What happened to the very first alpha savant? He survived long enough to see old age. After all, he carried the genes which guaranteed profitability. However, there was a basic conflict: Azume was interested in full speciation once they had sufficient breeding stock, because if their researchers couldn't find a way to keep this new creation from breeding with any other wolf or dog in the world, eventually Earth would be overrun by packs of super-predators with no sympathies toward humans.

The board of directors decided that speciation and the neutering of marketed product would also virtually guarantee Azume's primacy in the field of intelligent animal servants, thereby locking in customers and profits.

So the next stage of project Alpha Savant was begun.
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
8:34 am
OOC: WikiFur entry

Secretary here. Filled in that wiki entry last night. I intend for it to be a regular resource for people who wish to find information and catch up to happenings. Note that it will only be updated irregularly, possibly around the time I wrap up a chapter or have otherwise made significant progress.
Monday, November 21st, 2005
9:26 pm
Choosing a direction
There was some discussion at Azume about their ultimate goals with the project, now called "Alpha Savant". It was determined that there were several immediate goals, and several long-term goals. First, they would determine the optimal breed for the project, since while Alpha Zero was mostly purebred stock, he had produced more and better savants from interbred females. Second, the investors needed to make clear their target market for the product.

Third, and most importantly, Azume would continue to advance their project. They would produce successive generations with improved capabilities, to better interact with a world designed for humans.

Fourth, Azume needed a new division, one meant for training and housing their creations. Chimpanzees have a habit of getting out of their cages, and dogs as smart as chimps were starting to do the same. Like a zoo, the company needed to keep the animals entertained and at least somewhat disciplined, or they would have escapees running wild across the country, interbreeding with anything remotely compatible. They couldn't have that. For one thing, it would spread a new predator far and wide; for another, they risked losing patents on the genome due to broad distribution and miscegenation.

After consulting the investors, Azume's board was told, basically, "Wait and see." Capital improvements were also encouraged. With that in mind, the company started building improved kennels and better security, as well as a large training and exercise facility.
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
8:30 am
OOC: Welcome!
For those of you who are wondering what's going on, this is Cioe's secretary writing.
Yes, secretaries can have secretaries. Just, usually you see that happen only in high executive positions where everyone's a vice president or something. Yes, Cioe was a secretary for the majority of her working life. We'll get to that soon enough.

Anyway, I figured I'd write a story that's been sitting in the back of my head, the untold background of a character I created some years ago.

And now, here it is.
8:29 am
It was almost a non-event when it happened. For a while, there had been no public debate on the ethics of genetic engineering. This is not to say that such debate should not have been happening; on the contrary, it should have been the subject of conversations worldwide. But into the silence of forgetful nations was born a creature smarter than it should have been.

It happened in Brazil, in the veterinary sheds of a smallish company with slightly shady funding: Azume Biotech. The genome of the creature, the first "savant animal", was ninety-nine percent canine - golden retriever, to be precise - with subtle replacements good enough to represent one clean evolutionary step up. It looked like a dog, moved like a dog, and spoke like a dog. It thought like something smarter than a dog.

The four hundred predecessors had mostly been euthanized after six months; they had either developed unwanted mutations, or they simply hadn't developed quickly enough to satisfy the investors. This one did, eventually approaching the intelligence of a chimpanzee. Not only this, but the first success sired several litters, the results of which showed great promise.

The program was instantly expanded.

It would be another two years before anyone else heard of it.
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